• Electric and Gas Water Heater

  • We Provide the Following Water Heater Repairs:

    • Thermocouple
    • Gas controls
    • Relights
    • Relief valves
    • Pilot assemblies
    • We Do It All!

    We Install the Following Types of Water Heaters:

    • Gas – All Sizes; 40, 50, or 75 Gallon
    • Electric – All Sizes 40, 50, or 75 Gallon
    • Tankless
    • Commercial – 5 Gallon – 200 Gallon

    Water Heater Installation

    One of the most important conveniences in your home or business is your hot water heater, that why it is very important that your water heater is installed by a licensed plumber.  We have over thirty years of experience installing all makes, models and sizes of water heaters.  We can install water heaters purchased by you from the store or we can discuss with you the different options available to you, pick it up and install it for you.  When you’re ready to work with a family owned & operated company.


    Water Heater Repair

    Water Heaters are often taken for granted.  Day in and day out you simply turn a handle or shower and rely on that hot water that to come out.  Over time with all that us and with all the hot water being used, eventually problems will develop 

    Here are some of the most common repairs that we get calls for.

    Not getting enough hot water

    This is the most common phone call we receive about water heaters.  It can sometimes be caused by water pressure or poor fixtures in your homes or business.  Also could be caused by a water leak.

    Have no hot water

    Your water heater potentially might not have a fast enough recovery time to properly fuilfill your hot water needs. Your pilot light might have possibly gone out or it could be numerous other reasons why. At this point it is probably best to call your local water heater repair plumber for a Free On-Site Estimate.

    Water Heater is leaking

    Anything that contains water will eventually over time start to leak – Water Heaters are no exception.  If you are noticing water or dampness around your water heater, call the water heater repair plumbers.