• Most people understand that their sewer system transports the waste from their house to the city’s sewer lines, but if there is a sewer backup that occurs in the Chicago area, they need to call Apex Plumbing for help. We have been in business since 1983 and are determined to do our best to assist our customers with all of their plumbing needs.

    A sewer backup is a very bad situation, as it could mean raw sewage leaking into their home, and cause the need for extensive repairs to their sewer lines. Here are some common reasons Apex Plumbing might have to come to your home to fix sewer or other plumbing issues:

    Clogs Can Cause Sewer Backup

    One of the most common causes of a sewer backup is a clogged drain or stopped up toilet. If you suddenly see water backup in your drains or toilet, or hear a strange gurgling noise, that is a red flag for troubles. A clog can happen anywhere in the lines, and the experts at Apex Plumbing are specialists in determining where the problem is and knowing how to fix it.

    Tree Roots Another Reason for Clogged Sewers

    Tree roots are yet another reason sewer lines sometimes get clogged up, especially if your home has been there for a long time and there are large trees in your yard. A sewer backup in a new house is more likely to be something like someone putting feminine hygiene products or paper towels or other items down the toilet or drains.